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Book Shelfies not Selfies

Let 2016 be the year where we break the internet with #bookshelfies not #selfies. Go full frontal (so to speak) with a copy of #thehappycloset and reclaim the dignity of the digital age. Join the growing #bookshelf of readers around the world and let’s create our own mindfulness movement. Happy New Year folks. x

BeFunky Collage 03-01-16 2

What’s Your Relationship Like?

When it comes to our relationship with clothing, most of us are in need of some serious couple’s counselling. From the moment we make that financial commitment to have and to hold, we stand accused of spousal abandonment (still in bag with tags, flung on the floor, shrunk in the wash…) and other unmentionable shenanigans. Yet when faced with the aftermath of our betrayal, we’re cheeky enough to point the blamey finger – bad quality, didn’t last, fell apart, these thing always happen to me. Moan moan moan. Sound familiar?


International Sizing Charts

Tis the season for buying online, getting confused and being schlepped with the wrong size. Bad choices happen to good people but you can minimise the instances for retail regret with international guidelines on how to size up, down and across the miles. Check out the charts below which are pinned directly from The Happy Closet Pinterest boards and while you’re at it, have butcher’s at ‘How to Measure Yourself’ in Chapter 10 – Happy Closet How Tos. Let’s just say, I’m on close and personal terms with denial. 😉



Choice and Regret

Hanging onto a bad buy will not redeem the purchase.”
Terence Conran

Ah, the lingering pong of regret! There’s nothing like an aul bang of ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ to massage our self-esteem. Fancy a whiff? Just open your closet doors and let the olfactory dance begin!

A Bit About Habits

“It’s always with the best intentions that the worst work is done.” Oscar Wilde


What if I told you that many of our shopping patterns are beyond our control? Would you believe me? Willingly so, I’d imagine!


What is your Closet Personality?


Let me ask you a question: What would your closet say about you if it could have a good aul gossip? Think about it. Our closets have the potential to dish the dirt on us in classic tell-all style: how often we shop, how much we spend, how we treat our clothing – even our emotional hang-ups. By opening the doors you are effectively revealing your biggest weaknesses and your self-esteem at a given moment. Ouch!READ MORE

What is The Happy Closet?

Welcome to The Happy Closet – where well-being is well-dressed. If sartorial overwhelm has you with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, then you’ve found the mothership!