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Closet Obesity – Let’s Kick the Habit



Shopping tastes good. Really good. Whether its a gourmand high street buffet or designer amouse bouche, the pay-off is the same: delicious satisfaction.

But like most things in life, too much of a good thing can often lead to no good at all. Shopping is easy; knowing when to stop is the hard part:
• The moment we hide what we buy because we’ve bought too much
• The lies we tell ourselves (and others) to avoid facing the wagging finger of shame
• The empty feeling in our hearts (and wallets) when we bought something else we didn’t want or need.

That once familiar satisfaction now feels like uncomfortable bloat – a muffin top we just can’t seem to shift and before we realise it, our closet doors don’t actually close. Try as we may to push, tuck and commandeer our feelings into a ball of denial, the evidence is irrefutable. We’ve gone way too far. What’s more, we don’t know how we even got here.

Sound familiar? If you think your closet could do with a health check, live in Ireland and don’t mind cameras following your journey, please DM me (info AT thehappycloset DOT me) for details on an upcoming documentary. Details required by Tuesday, 2nd February.

Where to Buy The Happy Closet

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O.K. So, here’s the deal. The Happy Closet is selling out – and fast. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails asking where the book can be purchased in Ireland, the U.K., Australia and the U.S.A. The list I’ve compiled below gives a snapshot of the online retailers that currently stock the book. Please note: this does not include bricks and mortar stores; just online. Click on the link to take you directly to your preferred e-tailer. Any questions, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll get back to you straight away. Happy Reading! x – ebook in stock; hardback back in stock – ebook in stock; hardback back in stock – hardback only – hardback only – hardback only -hardback only – ebook in stock; hardback sold out – hardback only – hardback only – hardback only – hardback only – hardback only – ebook only – hardback only – hardback only (Australia only) – hardback only

www.barnesandnoble – ebook only

www, – ebook and hardback (U.S.A. only) – ebook only

Don’t Make Me Break Out the Singing Elsa Doll…


Do you want to know what the real secret is to creating a happy closet? Mindfulness. And do you know what mindfulness really is? Just a snazzy word for ‘to pay closer attention’. When we pay attention, we are mindful. When we are mindful, we are fully present in the ‘now’. That means putting the past to pasture and forgetting about the future. What is your life like today? And more to the point, how does your clothing reflect the person you at this point in time? Sounds simple yet we all get it oh-so-wrong. When faced with the prospect of letting go, we’ll pull out an arsenal of epithets with a few rounds of self-serving bias to justify potential over purpose (‘I might need it.’; ‘It could come in handy’; ‘You never know when you’ll need .’). It’s not easy, is it? Nor is mounting the mother of all defences to keep from black sacking your ‘pulling’ dress from 1998. Let it die with dignity; this is not Weekend at Bernie’s. So, just how does one let go gracefully?

Keep present
Unless you are already taking steps to diet into those size 10 jeans, keeping them is preventing you from engaging with the now. By focusing on what doesn’t fit; you avoid having to deal with what’s real. Otherwise, they simply serve as a mockery; a reminder of our failed choices.

What’s so uncomfortable?

If parting with that sweat-stained t-shirt from your ex is a cognitive feat too far, there’s probably an unresolved fear afoot. Figuring out the ‘why’ behind your resistance will help release the chokehold on the past. P.S. You will find another relationship; just get rid of the smelly DNA sample.

Don’t deny it

The act of holding onto clothes that no longer serve you subconsciously allows you to fall back into old habits. Denial prevents us from real growth (and is an insidious form of self-rejection). Holding onto things that don’t fit makes a mockery of who we are today. If you’ve no longer got any room in your life for whatever is taking up space, it needs to go. STAT.

Don’t settle

The words ‘it’ll do’ never did anything. Don’t simply buy something because it is adequate. The more you make do, the more you’ll be prepared to compromise. Good enough is exactly what got you here.

Stop trying to make it work

If it doesn’t work now; it won’t ever work later. So, stop trying to make it work. When something is right – be it a relationship or a pair of jeans – it just fits. It doesn’t need clauses and conditions to justify its presence.

For more tips on how to part with poise, pick up a copy of The Happy Closet.

Why Your Closet Is Filled with Habits You’ll Never Get Rid Of


Let me level with you. That closet of yours isn’t just overflowing with clothes; it’s bursting with bad habits. Sure, you may clear out the clutter twice a year but have you actually ditched those dodgy impulses? Nah, didn’t think so. The very fact that you still have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear speaks for itself. To paraphrase an old Spanish proverb: ‘Habits are first cobwebs, then cables’. The bad news: You’ll never actually get rid of them. The good news: you can control them. Want to learn how? School is in session. Time to find out how The Happy Closet can help retrain your brain to create closet calm.


• Once a habit is formed in the brain it sets up camp and gets comfy. Moving these suckers is like trying to pick up a toddler who has cleverly mastered ‘the baby slide’: the harder you try to tackle it, the heavier and slippier it becomes. Get to grips with the ninja mommy moves you’ll need to take it by surprise and put it to bed.
• Bad habits can never be removed; they can only be ‘managed’. Learn how to crowd out cravings and impulses and create an effective ‘competing response’ that’ll help you purge the urge to splurge on what you don’t want or need.
• The brain can’t distinguish between a good or bad habit. Partial to regular yoga? Well, the old noggin doesn’t like to discriminate so expect a time share with that lesser bragged about footwear fetish
• Once the brain masters a habit (tree pose or posing daily in Marc Jacobs), it becomes automatic and thus unconscious. All it takes is a trigger to kick start an impulse and before you know it, you’ve gone for toilet paper and come home with a sh*tload of shoes. Raise your awareness of personal triggers and lower the instances of habitual regret.

For the nitty gritty on how to get to grips with your habits, click here to order your copy of The Happy Closet.


The Happy Closet – #7 in the Hardback Charts


Oh, happy day! It appears The Happy Closet has hit #7 in the Irish hardback charts after just THREE weeks since its release. It has also sold out on I’d like to take this opportunity (between happy dance breaks!) to thank everyone who has bought a copy of the book and helped support my wardrobe wellness mission. Big love. Big hugs. Big dance moves…

Plan Your Happiness


If, like many, you started January with the best of intentions only to realise that your sneaky sub-conscious had other plans (namely, kidnapping your willpower & holding it for ransom knowing you don’t get paid until month end), then fear not. is offering a clever solution to reclaim your happiness mojo without as much as a single ‘Taken’ reference. The Happiness Planner is a diary with a difference. By switching gears from productivity to positivity, this little gem helps guide you in the art of self-reflection and, in turn, setting heart-centered goals. What’s more, writing things down helps the brain connect with your desires on a more intimate level, creating a life by design that is more ritual, less routine. No ‘special set of skills’ required here; just a pen. Liam Neeson not included. Want in? Click here for more.

Detoxing from the Inside Out

It’s a murky aul month. Rain, wind, more rain, more wind. I bet that shiny new gym gear has yet to be christened. Got the guilt sweats? Towel off sister! In the spirit of not making any unnecessary journeys, there’s never been a better time to stay inside. While you’re at it, why not take stock of your closet collateral? According to New Age philosophy, January is for looking inwards and doing a personal inventory (holistic hibernation if you will) – a reflective period to get clear on goals and resolve to start them when spring has actually sprung. Before reefing out the old to usher in the new (Stella McCartney tapestry booties, anyone?), perhaps it’s best to take a breather and understand why you can’t seem to break the monthly purge-purchase cycle or indeed, why the very thought of approaching that double-door portal of doom leaves you whimpering silently in a corner. A happy closet isn’t simply a tidy one. Rather it’s the sum total of understanding the emotional hang-ups driving the habits that create our wardrobe wellness. Understand the interior workings of the mind and heart and you’ll soon get to grips with creating an exterior manifestation of closet calm – not simply an illusion. As on the inside, so on the outside. While you’re putting on the kettle, why not curl up on the sofa and read the preview of The Happy Closet? Click on the homepage to have a goo. Like what you see? Order your copy from the Amazon link and give your wardrobe a reason to smile.