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The Happy Closet – Now in Paperback!


To all of my closet crew: THE HAPPY CLOSET is being re-released in paperback just in time for Christmas! (Can we say Christmas this early?) It’s also had a snazzy new makeover. Let me know what you think at @aocdotme on Twitter and Instagram. To pre-order your copy, click HERE.

The Happy Closet Book Signing @ WHSmith, Arnotts


Join me on Saturday, 23rd April at WHSmith, Arnotts at 12pm for a special book signing of The Happy Closet. I’ll be giving readers the back story of my wardrobe wellness journey and dishing out my favourite decluttering tips to help you spring clean in style! This is an open event so be sure to bring a few friends and make an afternoon of it! 

See you there! Ax