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Why Your Closet Is Filled with Habits You’ll Never Get Rid Of

Let me level with you. That closet of yours isn't just overflowing with clothes; it's bursting with bad habits. Sure, you may clear out the clutter twice a year but have you actually ditched those dodgy impulses? Nah, didn't think so. The very fact that

The Happy Closet – #7 in the Hardback Charts

Oh, happy day! It appears The Happy Closet has hit #7 in the Irish hardback charts after just THREE weeks since its release. It has also sold out on I'd like to take this opportunity (between happy dance breaks!) to thank everyone who has

Plan Your Happiness

If, like many, you started January with the best of intentions only to realise that your sneaky sub-conscious had other plans (namely, kidnapping your willpower & holding it for ransom knowing you don't get paid until month end), then fear not. is offering a

Detoxing from the Inside Out

It's a murky aul month. Rain, wind, more rain, more wind. I bet that shiny new gym gear has yet to be christened. Got the guilt sweats? Towel off sister! In the spirit of not making any unnecessary journeys, there's never been a better time to

The Happy Closet Is Here!

It's official: The Happy Closet is now available online and in store! Irish readers can buy their copy at Easons, Hodges Figgis, Waterstones,and Dubray Books. The Happy Closet is also available as an eBook and from 85 online retailers worldwide including (but not limited to) WHSmith, Foyles