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The Happy Closet Book Signing @ WHSmith, Arnotts


Join me on Saturday, 23rd April at WHSmith, Arnotts at 12pm for a special book signing of The Happy Closet. I’ll be giving readers the back story of my wardrobe wellness journey and dishing out my favourite decluttering tips to help you spring clean in style! This is an open event so be sure to bring a few friends and make an afternoon of it! 

See you there! Ax

Culture of Happiness


Slogan tees and sweatshirts get a bad rap; namely because epithets like ‘#nofilter’ and ‘Coffee First’ are a proper waste of good cotton space. Why advertise a potty mouth or a borderline flat white addiction when you can ask the Universe for a solid instead? I once designed my own t-shirt that said ‘Adopt Me Angelina’ but it fell on deaf ears.  With that, an old-fashioned good vibe tagging might be just the thing. Enter Antigone – a London-based slow fashion collective specialising in trans-seasonal ethically-made down time duds. My personal favourite? The Culture of Happiness grey marl sweatshirt – designed to evoke memories of good times and having a laugh. Look closely and you’ll find Antigone’s signature ‘evil eye’ of protection embroidered on the back with a adjunct love motif on the right cuff. I’m smiling already.; #cultureofhappiness 

Raid Oprah’s Closet!


In this month’s issue of O magazine, Oprah spring cleans her 19-by-26 foot Harpo Studios closet. What’s more, she’s auctioning some of her most beloved pieces online. The bad news? Most of it has sold out! The good news? The proceeds of this sale are all going to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Foundation. Although the opportunity to raid Oprah’s wardrobe may be lost; you can still benefit from what she learned during the decluttering process. A few of the highlights? Dressing the person you are today, the exterior matching the interior and the levity of letting go. Oh, how I got the giddy butterflies!

Why? It really excited me to think that The Happy Closet message is more than just my message; it’s a cultural shift in our relationship with clothes. It’s more than just a surface clear out. It’s about sifting beneath the layers of confusion and finding out what’s really driving our collective primal impulses. By understanding what makes us tick – that’s when we can go from collecting to selecting. The alchemy in determining purpose from potential is truly transformative but it all begins (and ends) with self-knowledge. In the words of Epictetus: ‘Know thyself and dress accordingly.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to do my happy dance and then gift wrap a few copies for the lovely O team. My wardrobe wellness mission continues. Let’s spread the word!